Causes and Breathing Mechanics of Laughing

Oxygen is among the most important catalysts for the biological system of the human body. When you breathe, you take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Breathing is compulsory for all the living beings to survive. Breathing also has a big role to play in the respiratory and circulatory system of your body. Breathing helps purify your body blood by eliminating all the harmful material present inside the bloodstream.

For maintaining the health of your lungs & supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the body, it is essential for you to take deep breaths. When you normally inhale, it only fills 25 percent of the entire capacity of your lungs. The rest of the 75 percent stays filed with the old unpurified air. Respiration may become further shallower when it is compounded by tension.

The Negative Effects of Shallow Breathing

A shallow breathing is likely to make the heart toil more as a majority of the gas exchange occurs in the lower part of the lungs. As a result, the heart is required to beat powerfully in order to exhale carbon dioxide & get enough proportion of oxygen.

You hardly help your lymphatic mechanism as such (it‘s a crucial machine of the immune structure & plays an important role to keep you healthy). In order to move it, you must either take deep breathes or/and do regular workouts.

Through laughter, you can provide your body with better exhalations, hence eliminating all the residual air present inside the lungs. Also, it enhances the blood with enough oxygen supply.

Deep and extended laughter can help offer deeper exhalation, hence replacing the stale air with fresh air with high amounts of oxygen. With laughter, you are able to achieve a cleansing effect in your body. This can truly help especially those who are having issues related to respiratory tract such as asthma.


Every single function in your body relates to breathing in some way or the other. So, it is important for all the body organs to receive enough supply of oxygen. The atmospheric oxygen enters your body through breathing. When you laugh, the process of deep breathing is triggered automatically allowing enough supply of fresh air and oxygen enter the respiratory system of the body.